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Designing Organ Parts, Transforming the Medicine

Designing Organ Parts, Transforming the Medicine

SysCODE is an interdisciplinary research consortium that involves 24 scientists from 7 institutions, whose mission is to use advances in developmental biology, computational and genome sciences, and tissue engineering to build organ parts from stem cells. The three organ parts are the tooth germ, pancreatic islet and the heart valve. Transplantation and tissue engineering, which historically addressed the need for organ repair, are limited by donor shortage and long-term complications. New, systematic methods to design and generate organ parts have the potential to transform medicine. Independent advances are converging, so that a fresh, bold approach – integrating knowledge and principles from genetics/genomics; developmental biology; computational science/bioinformatics; and bioengineering/materials science – puts within our grasp a MOLECULAR BLUEPRINT and structural architecture for organ assembly.

Collaborating Institutions

Brigham Research Institute  Center for Health and Biosciences  Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute  Hidradenitis Suppurativa  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  Valley Medical Center  Boston University logo

Here you will find essential information on the application materials used in our researches, who are those people that are professionals in the field of organ and tissue replacement and learn new effective approaches in this field.

Being a researcher in the field of transplantation and tissue engineering you will soon find out that it is impossible to focus on one discipline as it requires multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches. Our team-based approach to the researches in these fields is streamlined by the NIH Roadmap Interdisciplinary Research Program.

One of our researches was connected with mobile monitoring applications. The main attention was focused on cell phone parental controls. The app allows monitoring child’s smartphone whenever you want. The most popular app’s features are SMS tracking, calls logs, GPS tracking and online activity browsing.

Our website is a perfect place to take an advantage of the possibility to participate in the two-year fellowship program with the involvement of the best mentors and to be able to apply developmental biology, bioengineering, and computational sciences in the researches.

Our principle researchers are leading experts of Vanderbilt University, Medical Center Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.