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Is NSA a Necessary Evil?

Is NSA a Necessary Evil?

Is It Possible to Keep Information Private in Digital Age?

What if someone told you your phone was being constantly monitored by the National Security Agency? Well, that probably wouldn’t be too much of a shock for you.

Recent Snowden’s revelations targeted at the U.S. government show that the NSA routinely collects information about people’s online address books and contacts from their social networking accounts and emails.

Apparently, for over 2 years now the U.S. National Security Agency has been regularly accessing, analyzing, parental control monitoring and monitoring the accounts of social network users with the purpose of collecting data about their online social connections.

With the help of such surveillance programs as PRISM and xkeyscore, the government has the opportunity to capture almost any online activity of a user in Hotmail, Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, Viber and other online services.

The information that is being gathered by the American government via international access points includes login details of a user, their address book, and probably their chat history.

Although spying on people without their knowledge or consent is considered by the U.S. law to be an illegal activity, the government has found a way to come round this limitation. They do not collect the user data from inside the country but rather get it in the very process of its transmission over international access points located all over the world.

In a tech-crazy world like ours, giving the digital security issue a soft ride is simply unforgivable. With so many threats lurking online, someone has to keep constant vigilance. So why not the government of the United States?