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Gallery & Events

Gallery & Events

There are many ways to tell the story about the cutting-edge science and exciting experiments done at the Consortium. Communication about the progress in research on all fronts is an essential part of our execution plan. This gallery of pictures provides a snapshot from our annual events, each filled with research reviews, monitoring app, workshops, heated discussions about experiments and results from five teams: Developmental Biology, Bioengineering, Computational Science, Technology Development and Interdisciplinary Training. These meetings spark new ideas and help designing experiments aligned with overall SysCODE goals. The Consortium-wide meetings and Retreats take place twice a year at the Harvard Medical School New Research Building, Boston, Massachusetts.

Welcome to SysCODE2011 SysCode meetings

Autumn Consortium-wide meeting – October 27, 2011
Tooth Germ project presenters (BWH): Drs. J. Ho, D. Nusinow, R. Maas (TG PI), A. Gibbs (Wyss/CHB), D. O’Connell, and B. Gerami-Naini.Heart Valve project presenters: Drs. D. DeLaughter (VUSM), S. Baldwin (HV PI, VUSM), and D. Gottlieb (CHB).Pancreatic Islet project presenters: Drs. R. Sherwood (BWH), B. Blum (HU), and T. Hashimoto (MIT).
Good laughs during coffee break: Dr. Marianna Bei (MGH, left) and Dr. Irma Thesleff (EAB, U. of Helsinki).Dr. Shuichi Takayama (EAB, left) and Dr. Don Ingber (SysCODE PI, right).NIH Program Officials: Drs. O. Epifano (NIDCR), S. Sato (NIDDK), and D. Applebaum (NHLBI).
Spring Consortium-wide meeting – April 7, 2011
Dr. Richard Maas (BWH) and Dr. Joseph Bonventre (BWH).Dr. Gifford (MIT) presented major concepts of Network (GRN) construction.Dr. Melton (Harvard) and Dr. Rossini (Joslin) discuss Pancreatic Islet projects.
Dr. Seidman (HMS) discusses HiSeq2000 platform and its application for SysCODE projects.Bioengineers, Drs. Khademhosseini (BWH/HMS) and Merryman (VUSM), with interdisciplinary trainee Behzad Gerami-Naini (BWH).Dr. Baldwin (VUSM) discusses Heart program with colleagues Drs. Barnett and Brown (VUSM), and bioengineers from BWH/HMS.
Interdisciplinary trainees Joshua Ho (BWH/HMS) and Alex Rolfe (MIT) work on development of GRN for organogenesis.Interdisciplinary trainee David Nusinow (BWH/HMS) and his colleague Joel Chick (HMS) discuss proteomic analysis.Dr. Sunyaev (BWH) discusses computational methods with postdoctoral fellow James Costello (BU).

2010 SysCode meetings

Autumn Consortium-wide meeting – October 21, 2010
Dr. K. Zaret (EAB/UPENN) and Dr. R. Kulkarni (Joslin).Dr. I. Thesleff (EAB, Univ. of Helsinki) and Dr. X.P. Wang.Members of EAB (Drs. A. Michelson, S. Takayama) and NIH PO (Dr. S. Scholnick) participate in discussions.
Poster session: Dr. Maas discusses Pancreatic Islet project with SysCODE interdisciplinary trainees Alex Rolfe and Chong Wee Liew.Drs. Frederick Schoen (Heart Valve project, BWH/HST) and Jonathan Epstein (EAB/UPENN) during the coffee break.Tada Mammoto and Dan O’Connell discuss Tooth Germ project during poster session.
Dr. David Gifford delivers presentation “The discovery of regulatory networks in the context of the pancreas project.”Presentation by Dr. Ali Khademhosseini “SysCODE BioEngineering Platform” captures attention of the audience.Drs. Sue Hamann (NIH/NIDCR) and Richard Baird (NIH/NIBIB) discuss interdisciplinary research of the SysCODE.
Dr. Maas leads the discussion during breakout session on Tooth Germ project.Dr. Gifford and Richard Sherwood lead the discussion about Pancreatic islet project.Dr. Baldwin leads the discussion about Heart Valve project. Drs Fred Schoen and Joey Barnett (on the right) provide additional guidance in project leadership.

2009 SysCode meetings

Consortium Retreat with special focus on interdisciplinarity – October 22, 2009
New directives being developed at the Retreat: Dr. Maas and Dr. Bonventre, Dr. Baldwin and Dr. Applebaum-Bowden (NIH).Dr. Ingber (BioEngineering) with his students near the Rotunda.Post-presentation discussions at the break: Dan O’Connell (Tooth Germ) and ChongWee Liew (Pancreas).
Final instructions before the team presentation: Dr. Melton and his team: Malgorzata Borowiak, Rich Sherwood and Alex Rolfe (Pancreas).SysCODE-NIH goals alignment: Dr. Melton (Pancreas) and Dr. Blondel (NIH); Background: Dave Nusinow (Proteomics) and Peggi Angel (Heart Valve).Follow up on new developments: Drs. Shah and Bonventre. Background – Drs. J. Seidman and J. Barnett (DSAGE platform and Heart Valve, respectively).
Spring Consortium-wide meeting with first poster session – April 9, 2009
Opening remarks by the SysCODE Director – Richard Maas.Georg Gerber presents first version of the GRN for Pancreatic Islet project (Dr. Douglas Melton).Projects progress review captures attention and stimulates new ideas.
David Nusinow discusses proteomic analysis of the developing tooth with Melissa Riddle (NIH IRC Coordinator) at the poster session.Heart Valve team at the poster session: Joey Barnett (VUSM), Peggi Angel (VUSM), and John Mayer (CHB).External Advisory Board (EAB) provides constructive feedback to the SysCODE Team Leaders.


2008 SysCode meetings

Members of NIH and EAB teams at the Consortium-wide meeting – April 17, 2008
NIH program officers and members of EAB with the SysCODE leaders.Members of the SysCODE External Advisory Board (EAB).SysCODE senior and junior faculty members at the meeting.
Post Doctorate presentations at the retreat – October 23, 2008
Tooth Germ project team presents.Rich Sherwood, Pancreatic Islet project team member.Heart Valve project team members.


2007 SysCode meeting

Team Leaders at the first Consortium-wide meeting – October 24, 2007
Richard Maas – SysCODE Director.Douglas Melton – Developmental Biology Team Leader.Don Ingber – BioEngineering
Team Leader.
Dave Gifford – Computational Science Team Leader.Joe Bonventre – Interdisciplinary Training Team Leader.Jon Seidman – Technology Development Team Leader.