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How Can Engineer Become Designer Engineer?

How Can Engineer Become Designer Engineer?

How to Become a Designer Engineer?

The way of changing the career from mechanical engineering specialist to design engineer is full of stumbling blocks, hidden pitfalls, crests and troughs. However, there is nothing impossible: with your dedication, enthusiasm, creativity and hard work you will achieve your goal.

Big companies set high person specifications to their future specialists: so more likely that they will select a designer with profound knowledge of the technics. However, the most important skills they are looking for is eagerness to learn, passion about design and ability to solve difficult problems. Usually the design agency works on certain project for several months, so during the year it is necessary to learn something new for several times. According to this, the ability to learn something new within short period of time is crucial for designer engineers. Here are some other tips that will help you to succeed in your future career.

  • Stay focused on the design. Hardcore engineering deals with detailed mechanical design – instead of this try to focus on user-oriented design. Dedicate time to the items that are visible to users – handles, buttons etc.
  • Do not try to jump from one job to another at once. Consider working an intermediary job that will help you to learn how to work with things that people interact with.
  • Learn CAD. You should have profound knowledge of Solidworks, Pro Engineer, creation of CAD packages and rendering package. The last one is really important as it will give you an advantage on most engineers.
  • Learn designers’ Bible. Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals should be read from cover to cover.
  • Use your spare time for creating personal designing projects. When you design something, consider both form and function of the project.
  • Do not miss design events. communication with people connected to this sphere will give a boost to your knowledge and career. Follow people with design blog – the more the better.
  • Do not be afraid to take a job at a lower level – sometimes it is the only way to succeed in your dream career.
  • Follow the work and do not be afraid to change geographical positions.