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Postdoctoral Biomedical Research Team

Postdoctoral Biomedical Research Team


A postdoctoral fellow working in one discipline will spend a significant period of time with another mentor and trainees in a second discipline. Cross-training fellows in two disciplines will establish expertise and confidence in developing and refining emergent, interdisciplinary areas of research as well as new approaches to biological problems related to organ regeneration.

Multiple Organ Systems

Many organ systems have similar developmental mechanisms, yet still retain unique features and levels of complexity. Thus, a more general approach to uncovering genetic, molecular and structural properties will provide a common information platform across these three, and hopefully more, organ systems.

Approach to Technology Development

While technology is not a discipline per se, the adoption of technological advances into biomedical research is occurring at an ever increasing rate. Our consortium, which is mounting a cutting-edge effort to address a complex, child security software and ambitious goal, must be involved in those advances that could transform or radically alter the research strategy.

Technology Development & Interdisciplinary Training

Team Leader
  • Joe Bonventre
  • Jon Seidman
Team Members
  • Joey Barnett
  • Rich Caprioli
  • Steven Gygi
  • Christine Seidman
  • Shamil Sunyaev